We welcome our latest acquisition Turbine Engine Specialists to the group!

Company Overview

Killick Aerospace Group is a private equity Investment firm headquartered in the Dallas - Ft. Worth metroplex. We invest in aviation companies, providing capital for expansion, acquisition financing and restructuring for two target segments: Aviation MRO and Aviation Distribution.

Our philosophy extends beyond providing financial support, we strive to provide valuable industry, strategic and business development expertise to ensure the success of our portfolio companies. The Killick Aerospace Group executive leadership team provides proactive governance while working with the incumbent management team.

We at Killick Aerospace Group have a passion for helping to build growing and successful companies.

Aviation Private Equity

Killick Aerospace Group identifies investments that are a complementary extension of our Aviation MRO and Aviation Distribution companies. We look for:

  • Companies with strong industry reputations and outstanding customer service focus
  • Private, established companies with demonstrated financial strength
  • Investments with outstanding growth potential
  • Strong customer and market position
  • Competitive advantage and/or proprietary product or technology
  • Strong leadership and management team
  • Exit strategies readily identifiable

We welcome the chance to discuss opportunities for investment with aviation companies who align with these criteria.

Leadership Team

The Killick Aerospace Group executive leadership team is composed of seasoned aviation professionals. Their strong industry knowledge and relationships enable our companies to capitalize on business opportunities.

Russell Starr    
Russell Starr is the President and CEO of Killick Aerospace Group. As an experienced leader with two decades in the aviation and aerospace field working at companies such as GE, Aviall, and Vector Aerospace, Russell focuses on strategic business development, mergers and acquisitions, aircraft and jet engine procurement, and managing relationships with key customers, partners, and suppliers. Russell holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Masters of Business Administration.

Paul Goffredi    
Paul Goffredi is the Chief Operating Officer of Killick Aerospace Group. He has held leadership positions in aviation for over twenty-eight years working at companies such as Aviall, Dallas Airomotive, and Standard Aero. His focus is on enterprise operation excellence and improvement along with strategic business development, mergers and acquisitions, and OEM / major customer relations. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Masters of Business Administration.


Killick Aerospace Group is comprised of two principal aviation business segments, MRO and Distribution.
Explore each segment by visiting a constituent company website using the links below.